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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 19, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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next at 11. (male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now.details on san francisco's second murder of the year. and bart police are looking a homicide outside a plus.kron-4 is in atlanta ready for a trip to the controversy surrounding star tonight at 11 -- san francisco police are second murder this year. and killed while driving near fillmore and geary streets around five-thirty this evening.
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multiple shots at a black four door car. authorities say the suspect got away in a white or silver car. the victim later died at san francisco general. the suspect is only described as a black male, who was wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt. >> in the middle of the day when you think it is safe now you have to worry about getting shot. >> tonight - police are investigating another deadly shooting at a san leandro bart station. the bay fair bart station was reopened a couple hours ago. the shooting killed one person and injured another. kron4's alecia reid has the >> over dozens of shell casings were counted at the scene it. this man was shot dead and a woman was also hit by the gunfire. she was rushed to hospital and is expected to be okay. >> people to not value of life. this could be over perhaps some silly argument.
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generally, bart is extremely safe. we usually do not have problems like this. come one person has been detained. investigators canvassed the scene. >> we are always concerned. but this is not these bart in san leandro, kron 4 news.
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>> in another big story. san francisco 49ers star receiver michael crabtree finding himself at the center of a sexual assault investigation.and now his attorney is weighing in. san francisco police are investigating the alleged incident, that is said to have happened at a san francisco hotel early sunday morning last week - just hours after crabtree helped the niners blow out the packers. police say crabtree has not been detained or arrested.he is expected to play in tomorrow's n-f-c championship game. and today crabtree's attorney released a statement on the incident which says. in part: michael fully cooperated with the inspectors and will continue to do so throughout the investigation. we are now less than 24 hours away from tomorrow's noon kickoff in the nfc championship game between the niners and falcons. the winner moves on to the super bowl. many 49ers fans are already in atlanta tonight getting tuned up for the big game. kron 4's j.r. stone also made the trip, and he's
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right in the middle of the action. >> i am to thousand 400 mi. away. i am in atlanta but it is hardly hotlanta... with temperatures colder here than in california. >> and i am here. >> we are going to brieand brief the atlanta scene and briebrave the scene. chemical 49ers. >> 49ers, niner nation! >> and i see that you have the giants here. >> 0 you do know that it is a football game. >> i have some fear. and
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also, i've brought in atlanta falcons fan with me. >> and a die-hard fan >> i we are here to see if it and rise up. i keep hearing that. it is folk talk and i certainly came across my share of falcons fans. outside of the is a gentleman who custody of from being san francisco they have been friendly and accepting. in atlanta, j. r. stone, kron 4 news. >> bring big crowds to area bars. our team coverage continues tonight with kron four's philippe djegal. he stopped by a few bars here in san francisco.where fans say if you can't cheer the niners on in atlanta. your local pub is the next best thing. >> reporter: walk by your neighborhood sports bar. and, there's a good chance you'll see a san francisco 49ers flag or two. at kezar pub. even the bar
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tenders are getting into it. sporting niners gear ahead of the big game. server andrea mas says shes looking forward to the crowd. >> everybody is pond and scoppomp and pumped and stoked! >> in the past. kezar has been a popular destination for the hometown faithful. with fans riding the emotional rollercoaster. watching the niners march towards a super bowl. hi-tops opened up in the castro district less than two months ago. and, what perfect timing. bartender logan chavarria says the 49ers have been good for business. on game days. he says the bar reaches capacity. with beers flying off the tap.
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and, burgers off the grill. in san francisco, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> if the game was here it would be outstanding. temperatures are going to be like they were today. with even some areas in the '70s. 67 in napa. half moon bay 70 degrees. we are still getting cold at night. freezing temperatures. midnight tonight, 20's and fairfield. watch this area of 30's expand tonight. as you look for 30's. coldest
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in santa rosa. 37 degrees in the san jose. >> we are learning new details football star and his dead girlfriend -- who never actually existed. >> plus a scary situation as a man points a gun at a turkish politician during his speech. it's all caught on camera! stay with us we'll be right back.
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>> notre dame linebacker manti te'o is insisting that he has nothing to do with the hoax involving his dead girlfriend. this after a recent report revealed that his girlfriend never actually existed. te'o says that 22-year-old ronaiah tuiasosopo. the mastermind behind the scam. recently contacted him and admitted to fabricating the whole thing. te'o admitted he misled the
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public about his relationship because he was uncomfortable saying it was a purely online relationship. now te'o turns his attention to the n-f-l as he prepares for the draft where many experts expect him to be a first round pick.
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>> a major water main break impacts to travel and shuts down a road way. this is from the caroline street to manchester route carolyn street to manchester road. kron four's jeff bush is in san leandro with the latest on clean-up efforts. local residents say that this water main broke was the same location eight years ago and cost the same damage. this water, on this section of the roadway, was too high. and the good news is that the east bay was
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able to get on the scene, quickly. and there was water main break escaping. and the fact that this roadway is not used that often. mainly at night and never able to get to the problem. also, there has been a low or impact to drivers. jeff bush, kron 4 news. friends and family were back out on the streets of hayward today, passing out flyers for a missing teen. 13 year old delicia moreno was last seen thursday morning at the burbank elementary school where she was dropping off her younger she does every day. alameda county sheriff's officials believe moreno ran away with 22 year old rubin polanco. but delicia's mother believes polcanco abducted her daughter and may try to leave the country with her. delicia's mother says the
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sheriff's department is not doing enough to find her daughter. >> i called someone today and they still haven't returned my phone calls. i asked them if they have the video from over there. i know that burbank, they were willing to show us the video her walking. so, i'm like what's going on? where is all my help. i have community help but where is the police >> delicia's mother says they have not had any arguments and does not think her daughter would run away from home. in other bay area news. hundreds rallied against stricter gun control in pacifica today. kron4's jeff pierce attended the second amendment rally. he spoke with supporters. (speaking through megaphone) >> this is were we draw a line in the sand. we are not going to back up we are not going to blink this is our right. >> reporter: hundreds of people who have felt threatened by the national conversation about gun violence in this country attended an event in pacifica saturday afternoon celebrating the 2nd ammendment. cloaked in the flag and the national anthem their voices reflected a defiance to what they percieved as
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an encroachment of constitutional rights. >> i believe in the 2nd amendment, i was taught to obey the law and i'm here to support it. >> the 2nd amendment we gotta have it. >> i'm not an nra member, i don't usually do these types of things i just feel i need >> reporter: beyond the rhetoric of anger and defiance there were those who felt the recent tragedy that has brought gun rights to the national stage has been taken too far. >> i have children and i was appalled just like everyone else in this country about what happened in newtown but i really felt strongly about certain politicians, the president and other politicians and some of the gun control advocates manipulating the newtown tragedy for their purposes. >> reporter: a small
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contingent of those gun control advocates stood at the fringe of the gathering in silent opposition. >> some of us are gun owners that believe that president obama's plan is the correct thing to do right now. >> the president and the vice president have proposedregister, to keep violee out of our schools. i would think the people on the other side of the parking lot would agree with those rules. >> if there were measures out there that would minimize these things let's do it. but getting rid of guns and infringing on peoples 2nd amendment rights punishing the constitutional rights of millions of law abiding citizens because of a few crazy madmen who do horrible, horrible things that doesn't seem right to me or really anybody else here. >> reporter: if one thing was clear it was that this country's dialoge on guns was far from being resolved. >> do it for your kids, do it for your grandkids. god bless you and thank you very much. >> reporter: in pacifica jeff pierce kron four news.
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>> meanwhile, thousands of gun supporters gathered across the u-s to rally against stricter limits on firearms. this is video of supporters rallying in the illinois capitol today. the demonstration was organized by a group calling itself "guns across america." on its facebook page, the group says the rally is intended to show lawmakers it opposes new gun control efforts. this comes after president obama unveiled a sweeping package of federal gun- control proposals. accidental shootings at gun indiana and ohio today. >> a scary situation is caught on camera! a man attacked an ethnic turkish party leader -- ahmed dohgan at a national conference in sofia. you see the attacker jumped on stage and pointed a pistol at dohgan -- a weapon most often used for target practice. witnesses say the attacker attempted to shoot the party leader, but the gas pistol apparently misfired. security guards wrestled the man to the ground, and police arrested him. he was also reportedly carrying two knives.
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pretty beautiful day today, with beautiful sunshine and gorgeous temperatures. we could see plenty of swells with a high surf and pfizer expectehigh surf revisory. right the beaches, the high surf advisory. the waves can catch you off guard and a strong rip current. and speaker waves. again, this is a dangerous situation. right now,--snekaer ...waves.. could catch you
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off guard if you are in the water or at the shore. 20's and 30's by the bay. that fog in the north bay, and also, as patchy fog put a limit visibility. here is a cool start but warm in the afternoon. 60s and the repeat performance on martin luther king day. sunny and the 60s. the satellite with clear skies and these storms are typically out there are over the pacific but they are going to try to go this way. and the progress towards the west coast will change by wednesday. we will see clouds increasing and the possibility for some rainfall late wednesday in the event thursday. for tomorrow, sunshine and look at these temperatures. 60s through santa clara 65 degrees and sunny, mild for
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the inland areas. with low mid 60s for the bayshore. the north bay valleys will also cease 60s 65 degrees in napa, san francisco. and a cemetery, oakland, 66. and this oakland-san mateo--with cool mornings and also made 60s on wednesday. the increase with clouds just a slight chance for rain with mostly sunny conditions. >> president obama is heading up a national day of service inaugural events. the president, first lady and vice president joe biden and his wife, jill participated. officials are estimating as many as 800-thousand people will attend monday's inauguration ceremonies in washington. president obama will take the oath of office at noon, and then deliver an inaugural address. mister obama will have two swearing-ins: a public ceremony on monday and a private one tomorrow.
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military families. and you'll be able to watch the inauguration ceremony live during the kron-4 morning news on monday. it will start at 8-30 in theand we'll also have the inaugural parade live on our 24-7 bay area news channel - starting at 10-35. today giants general manager.. speaking about brian wilson
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>> the golden state warriors were in action again today facing off against the new orleans hornets. klay thompson scored a season high 29 points to hornets 116-to-112. this snapped a three game skid for the warriors as they saw their star point guard stephen curry return to action. curry came back with a vengence and scored 20 points after missing the last two games with an ankle sprain. next up for the warriors they will host the los angeles clippers on monday. today giants general manager brian sabean sat down for an interview in new york. the topic was the beard. otherwise known as former giants all star closer brianduring the interview sabean said that he didn't believe wilson would return to the giants. sabean thinks that wilson hasn't had enough rehab to show teams that he can still play at a major league level. let alone close out games. wilson made only two appearances last year before having reconstructive surgery on his elbow for the second time. stan musial. one of baseball's greatest hitters and a hall of famer with the
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saint louis cardinals for more than two decades. has died. stan the man won seven national league batting titles. was a three-time mvp and helped the cardinals capture three world series championships in the 1940s. he died saturday evening at his home surrounded by family. he was 92. and we lost another hall of famer today. legendary pro baseball manager earl weaver has died. known as "the earl of baltimore". weaver led the orioles to four american league pennants and a world series title. he passed away today of an apparent heart attack. earl weaver was 82 years old.